A Prickly Rose Style Nature Walk (November 2nd Activity)

Today's November activity is to go on a Nature Walk. This is the perfect way to get out of the house for fresh air and your sanity. Who knows, if you plan it just right you can have your prickly kiddo worn out and ready for a nap/early bed afterwards. haha

We have created a FREE Nature Walk Checklist printable for you to use if you want to. We just thought it would help you to keep some structure to the walk in case you have a very adventurous prickly kiddo and want to make sure you can keep up with them and not lose your sanity at the same time. hahaha

Click Here To Print The Checklist For FREE (Seriously I mean it! No email required or nothing! )

It is a simple checklist that your child can do with just a little bit of your help. If you put the list on a clipboard before you leave for your walk there is very likely chance that your kid will be so excited to us it that you won't have to carry it the whole time!

Check out our finished Nature Walk Checklist below!

It was so much fun getting out of the house and letting the kids use their outdoor voices outside for a change and teaching them to look at everything around them because you never know when you will find a treasure.  

We didn't find everything on our checklist. That didn't stop the fun though! A great time was had by all! Share your nature walk fun with us on Facebook or Instagram. We would love to see all the different kinds of nature walks.


Kristy B

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