Prickly Fun

A Very Prickly November


We have officially started the month of November and that means the beginning of a very busy yet fun time of year. We at The Prickly Rose Boutique want to help you enjoy this season to the fullest with your family, our favorite little Prickly Friends! 

To kick things off we have made out a list of fun daily things for you and your children to do, try or share this month. :) 

Each day has something easy and fun to do that will help you not only make some wonderful memories but, this will help you be able to slow down for a little bit each day and enjoy our favorite little prickly friends.

We will be posting all through the month about these activities and bringing you the free printables, recipes and ideas you might need for that days activity.

If you want to share with us how you and your little one did one of these activities we would absolutely adore it! We love seeing our Prickly Friends having a blast. Just tag us in your post so we don't miss it! 


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Prickly Positive Encouragement Craft

Since today was the 1st day of our Prickly Positivity Challenge we wanted to kick it off with a super fun and easy craft! 

We of course love hedgehogs so we created a Positive Hedgehog craft for all our Prickly Friends! We made this adorable little hedgehog that has some pretty awesome quills. Each one is a little bit of encouragement for your child. You can have them grab one whenever they are feeling discouraged, grab one and put it in their lunchbox for school or however you want to use them the possibilities are pretty endless!

When it is all finished yours will look something like this-

Prickly Rose Hedgehog Craft

All you need for this craft is a printer, crayons, scissors, yarn or string and our FREE printable items linked below.

Prickly Rose Hedgehog Craft

First step is to print off and color the hedgehog.

Prickly Rose Hedgehog Craft

Once the hedgehog is colored you can cut it out and then grab your string to start wrapping it around the hedgehog like this:

Prickly Rose Hedgehog CraftPrickly Rose Hedgehog Craft



Once you have finished that it will look this:

Prickly Rose Hedgehog Craft

Next you will need to print the Positive Encouragement Sheets. There is one with already written out encouragements and another with blank encouragements so you can make them personalized to your child. Once you have printed these all you have to do is cut them out and then fold them in half so they fit under the yard or string and look like little prickly hedgehog quills. 

 Prickly Rose Hedgehog Craft

Prickly Rose Hedgehog Craft

Prickly Rose Hedgehog Craft

We hope you enjoy this craft as much as we do and feel free to share pictures of your completed ones with us on our social media pages! 

Grab your FREE Hedgehog Printable Here

Get your FREE Positive Encouragement Pricks Here


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The FREE 4 Day Prickly Positivity Challenge

Are you ready to help us spread some positivity??

The Prickly Positivity Challenge

Over at The Prickly Rose Headquarters we have been planning out ways that we can support our Prickly Friends along with bringing you awesome clothes.

We are so excited to share the first step with you! Introducing - The FREE 4 Day Prickly Positivity Challenge

How This Works:

  • This Challenge is for you and your child to complete together each day and share positivity while you do it. 
  • It is completely FREE you just need to register so we can keep up with the entries. When you register you will receive your free workbook and all the details for the challenges each day.
  • Everyone will be entered into a drawing to win a Prickly Positivity Package including a coupon to receive any Prickly Rose item of your choice FREE along with a coupon to give a friend for a FREE item of their choice!
  • Each completed day gives you one entry into the drawing for the prize. If you complete all 4 days then you get an added entry for a total of 5 entries to win.
  • We will pick a Boy winner and a Girl winner from all entries on Saturday September 7th and will announce the winners through Facebook and email.

We want everyone to have fun and spread some positivity in the process. This is just the beginning of many new fun things we have planned and we are so happy to have our Prickly Friends with us along the way!

Just click the link below to get you and your child registered today!

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